The Hot Tub with the Hardcover!

Energy Efficient • Durable • Secure


The Titan HardCover is molded from durable, color-coordinating resin, which is able to withstand the harshest of environments while providing the highest degree of safety, along with a unique energy-saving insulation method. The Titan HardCover is molded hollow, then filled with a proprietary formulation of insulating foam. This foam is encapsulated within the resin cover, thus protecting it from moisture and the harsh chemical vapor barrier that forms between the water’s surface and the underside of covers.

With the Titan HardCover we not only re-sculpted how a spa cover appears, but, we also redefined how it opens. All of our Titan HardCover systems open smoothly in two parts by simply pulling the lever arm toward you. Then, the cover is reclosed with the same simplicity. Once closed, the Titan HardCover acts similar to a tortoise’s shell and is virtually impregnable to whatever humans, or nature, throws its way.


Titan™ HardCover available on all Strong Spas lines... Premium, Encompass and Durasport Series!
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