The Hot Tub with the Hardcover!

Energy Efficient • Durable • Secure



The Cabinet that Built Strong 

Patented DURA-LAST™ Cabinet for Strong’s Premium Spas 

• The 1st Spa Cabinet with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

• Maintenance-free construction and finish for lifetime beauty

• Cabinet will never deteriorate, rust, rot, crack or peel

• Made of UV-protected resin

• Cabinet is built from partially-recycled materials

• Insulated dual-walled construction

• Pump heat reused/recycled within cabinet air space

• Insulated Base 10x thicker than 1/4” standard bases

• Passed the rigorous California Energy Commission (CEC) Efficiency Test


DURA-LAST cabinets won’t deteriorate, shatter or crack even when hit with a baseball bat!

As one of the largest spa manufacturers in the world, Strong is known for its innovative design and engineering of spas built to last a lifetime. We are known for delivering the most durable and reliable spas on the market that are easy to operate and withstand the harshest climates. To achieve this, we are committed to quality control and a state-of-the-art manufacturing process. 

Cabinet Production

Strong Spas are made in the USA at our Pennsylvania facility.

The cabinet process begins with a hollow, two-part mold, which is filled with granular polyethylene polymer. The mold is mounted to a sophisticated machine, which externally heats while biaxially rotating the mold. The heat softens the powder into liquid form. As the mold rotates, the melted material coats the inside of the mold. Intelligent software distributes the material evenly to ensure consistency of product. Once cooled, the two-part mold is opened, revealing the finished resin component.

All-Weather Construction

Strong Spas are uniquely insulated to save energy and maintain water temperature so they can be enjoyed year-round. Our patented, virtually indestructible DURA-LAST resin cabinet is designed to withstand the harshest of climates and is backed by a Lifetime Warranty!

Industry Recognition

Strong Spas sets the standard in design, durability and manufacturing methods for hot tubs and is an industry-recognized leader for our accomplishments. Strong Spas is proud to be recognized in the industry as a SPA CERTIFIED manufacturer, awarded “Best in Class” year after year, and recognized as one of the “Top 10 Pool & Spa” companies for superior products, innovation and customer service by

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