The Hot Tub with the Hardcover!

Energy Efficient • Durable • Secure

Welcome to Strong® Spas… and experience soothing relaxation and revitalization for years to come.

Each Strong Spas hot tub has been engineered to provide you with relaxation through hydrotherapy, with an emphasis on performance reliability, durability, and ingenuity. This is what differentiates Strong Spas’ hot tubs from all others.
Relax. Engage. Entertain. Heal. Step into your Strong Spa to relax, de-stress and let our hydrotherapeutic systems heal your sore muscles and soul. Entertain and engage with family and friends in the privacy of your own backyard. Enjoy a romantic evening under the stars, or the tranquility of alone time. Strong Spas are engineered to last a lifetime and to ensure consistent delivery of performance and durability. To achieve this, Strong Spas prides itself on our innovative design ingenuity. We hold some of the most advanced patented and patent-pending designs in the industry.

Our Strong Spas Dura-Last™ and UltraTec cabinets, Titan™ HardCover, Energy-Lok™ and Forge-Cast™ technology are just a few of the many unique features that make Strong Spas energy-efficient, economical to operate, and a worthwhile investment. Our company is committed to bringing you the most durable, reliable hot tubs on the market at any price point, and to provide you with the hot tub experience you deserve and expect.

Thank you for taking the time to research our products. I hope you find Strong Spas as exciting and invigorating as we do.

Wade Spicer
CEO/Founder, Strong Spas

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